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Feb 28 | Brian Heuring

Spring Checklist for Pet Owners

Spring is one of the most enjoyable seasons for pet lovers and our furry best friends. It’s time to get outside, after all! There are a few things to keep in mind

1. Protect your pet from fleas, ticks and Heartworm diseaseWarm weather adventuring means fleas and ticks are ready to bite. There are many different flea and tick prevention options, including monthly topical ointments or pills, and your veterinarian can help recommend one for you. 

Meanwhile, heartworms are transmitted by mosquitoes, so make sure your pooch and kitty are on a year-round medication. We want to emphasize the seriousness of this disease and further state: prevention is key.

2. Get your pets’ vaccinations up-to-date

Now is the time to get all of your pets’ Rabies and other yearly shots up-to-date to ensure their protection. 

If you have a puppy, we do not recommend taking him to an outdoor park or public play area, until the puppy is fully vaccinated. You might be surprised to learn all the germs your new puppy can pick up while rooting around the public sandbox. Like infant children, puppies’ immune systems are not quite equipped to fight off viruses and infections. 

3.  Mind Your gardens 

Use pet-safe products in your gardens. Pesticides and fertilizers are helpful in your garden, but they’re really harmful to your pet, so stow them away and keep your pet out of the garden.

4. Watch the temperatures

Even with the windows down, temperatures inside your car can rise up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit within a few minutes. Since animals can’t sweat, their body temperature rises much more easily, making them prone to heat stroke. Heat stroke is an absolute medical emergency. Signs include panting, high fever, rapid heartbeat, vomiting and collapsing.

5. Watch the Easter table decorations
Daffodils and tulips are among the plants that can be highly toxic to cats and dogs. Keep them out of reach at all times. 

Keeping these tips in mind, we have no doubt you and your pets will absolutely love all that Spring has to offer in our region!