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Feb 28 | Brian Heuring

Fall and Winter Safety Tips for Cat and Dog Owners

When the temperature drops, we advise pet owners the following tips to keep pets safe. 

  1. Prepare for power outages. Call your veterinary clinic several days in advance to refill your pet’s medications or to pick-up food. Make sure there is enough kitty litter to last several days, in case inclement weather prevents you from driving to the store. 
  2. Speaking of cats, they love cars. Vehicles remit heat even after they are turned off, and cats like to climb near the radiator. Before you start your vehicle, tap on the hood to alert sleeping animals the engine will soon be starting. 
  3. If the temperature drops below freezing, we highly recommend outdoor pets be brought inside or to a closed garage. All outdoor pets need shelter with a wind-block and dry bedding all season long. Keep their bed on an elevated surface where melting snow won’t seep in, and check their water and food bowls to make sure nothing is frozen. 
  4. After walking your dog, be sure to wipe off the pads of their paws on your way back indoors. This prevents any de-icing chemicals they may have picked up along the way from potentially causing injured paws or from being ingested. 
  5. If your pet sports a warm sweater, be sure to take it off immediately if it gets wet. Wet clothing will only make your dog colder. 
  6. Keep your pet up-to-date on its vaccinations and wellness checks in the winter. Letting these conditions persist could only make it worse or cost you more in the long run. Sometimes, you can simply call your veterinarian’s office with a question, and we can provide you with a quick remedy, especially for dry skin. 

Finally, if your pet experiences any of the following symptoms, it could be a sign they are in pain from getting too cold: trembling, lethargy, slowed breathing, mobility issues and numbness. Please call us right away if you notice any of those signs or if you are worried. Meantime, enjoy those warm snuggles with your furry friend this winter.